Why chose us?

Alternative Angle Healthcare therapies are clinically focussed (both physical and psychological). All our therapists are trained as part of the BSc (Hons) Complementary Healthcare Degree Programme and obtain the same level of anatomy and physiology qualifications as other health professionals.

In addition to our therapist's high level qualifications, our management team are qualified and experienced Human Resource Management practitioners Project Managers and Business Consultants. They have over 40 years experience of working within senior positions in large private and public sector organisations. This included creating and leading on health and wellbeing strategies and policies. They, therefore, understand the business need for utilising complementary healthcare within the workplace.

Due to the high level clinical qualifications of our therapists our services are tailored to each individual's physical and emotional needs. All clients undergo a full clinical health assessment and each client is treated based on their presenting clinical needs.

You will be in good company…Alternative Angle Healthcare currently provides outreach services to SuperDry, NHS Wales, The Care Home Group, to name a few...

What areas do we cover?

We are a UK based service and provide services across the country